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The model number decoder and serial number decoder for all major brands.

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Ingersoll Rand Serial Number Decoder

How to decode Ingersoll Rand serial numbers.

Founded over a century ago, Ingersoll Rand (now Trane Technologies) is an industry giant. They are currently responsible for the Trane, American Standard, and Ameristar brands of HVAC equipment. Given this, the built-in Ingersoll Rand Serial Number Decoder must be able to handle several different serial number styles, past and present, used by these companies.

The following is an example of a Trane serial number that can you tell you the exact date the product was made. The first set of two digits represents the year, followed by the week, follow by the work day of manufacture. The HVAC Decoder App goes on to calculate the month for you based on those results.

Decoder Results 10161KEDAA


The work day of manufacture is--> 1

The fiscal week of manufacture is--> 16

The manufacture month is--> April

The manufacture year is--> 2010

The age of the equipment is--> 10 years


Style 3.1

The sequence numbers are--> KEDAA

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