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Lennox Model Number Decoder

How to decode old style Lennox AC model numbers.

Okay, as a service technician, one of the most difficult things is walking up to an old style Lennox AC. These units were built to last, and I still see them out there today. Some are more than 30 years old, but even they will die someday. Now, Lennox used its own method of coding the size in tonnage, and if you don't know the conversion chart, good luck finding it out. These units are older than the counter person at most supply houses. Using the HVAC Decoder App with built-in Lennox Model Number Decoder it's a snap just to enter the model number and know the size within seconds. Decoding Lennox Model Numbers could not be easier than with the HVAC Decoder App installed on your smartphone. This app will also handle the modern style Lennox model numbers for Furnaces, Evaporator Coils, Heat Pumps, Package units, and more.

Take this old model number HS18-311-4P for example.

Nothing in it gives you a hint about the cooling capacity.

Enter the model number in HVAC Decoder App and get these results.

Decoder Results HS18-311-4P

BN Brand Name Lennox
CT Category Type Condenser
SC Segments Count 5
1 Unit Type HS- High Side AC
2 Design 18- Elite 1993 TXV
3 Cooling Capacity 311- 2.5 Ton
4 Revision 4- Revision Or Series
5 Lennox Voltage P- 208/230-1-60

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