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If you are a homeowner, use this app to make sure your system matches the proposal given. If you are an HVAC tech, use this app to make sure your replacement equipment meets the standard requirement. If you are an HVAC Salesman, use this app to make sure you are given comparable equipment to what a competitor is offering. If you are a home inspector, use this app to get the age and specifications of installed equipment.

The model number decoder and serial number decoder for all major brands.

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Tested model numbers

How I test and calculate the model numbers

When I update the application there is a test done on the code to ensure it can find the added data and that the compression code works. The single model number listed below will represent the complete line for that model number. For example, if you have the model number 24ACC636ABB3 from Carrier. That will include all units from 1.5 ton to 5 ton based on the cooling capacity. This will also include all SEER rating from 14 to 21 SEER. So the math is Model Number times Cooling Capacity times SEER rating (1 X 7) X 6 = 42. That is the minimal number of units a single model number represents. It also includes any revision on that provided line or voltage difference. So if the line is available in 230/1/60, 230/3/60, 460/3/60 you have just triple the number of units. The model number also represents the heat pump which doubles that number again. Now that single model number has gone from 42 to 252 or more possible units.

With another name brand, it can grow even larger. Let look at ICP (International Comfort Products) which uses the same model number for all their brand names: Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Day & Night, Grand Aire, Tempstar, Heil, KeepRite and Lincoln. That alone takes it from 252 times 8 equals 2016 units.

The results from the HVAC Decoder App test are shown below.

HVAC Decoder tested model numbers found table

Tested Records 649 base numbers version 3.2

Tested Model Number Brand Catagory Segments
AA-010-3-A-CB02-222 AAon Package Roof-top 16
H3BRA20142B322 AAon Air Handler 13
AA0153BBB12000 AAon Self Contained Air Handler 11
AAB0101VC AAon Air Handler 6
AAB0101B1 AAon Condenser 6
TRSA240CA3A Addison RoofTop Package 7
A24P142 ADP - Advanced Distributor Products Evaporator Coils 5
R36A142D093 ADP - Advanced Distributor Products Evaporator Coils 7
PL42H175D10335 ADP - Advanced Distributor Products Evaporator Coils 9
BCRMC3260S001 ADP - Advanced Distributor Products Air Handler 10
DB8A224A145A182053 ADP - Advanced Distributor Products Evaporator Coils 12
C2E36B2A AirEase Coil 7
CG80TB075D16B-2A Aire Flo Furnace 12
CG80RB100D20CL Aire Flow Furnace 10
VP7RE024KA AirTemp Package 9
VS4BE036KA AirTemp Condensers 8
VSA1BE4M1SN30K AirTemp Condensers 13
RCC24A1B Amana Condensers 7
ASCC160361 Amana-Goodman Communication Condensers 7
AZ18TC0481AA Amana-Goodman-Daikin Condensers 9
CK30-1A Goodman Condenser 6
CK0361B Goodman Condenser 5
CKF241A Goodman Condensers 4
CPKJ121A Goodman Condenser 4
CPA0361B Goodman Condenser 6
ASH100361 Amana-Goodman Condensers 6
VRCF24U01A Amana Condensers 8
BCA24TA002A Amana Condenser 9
CCA24TUA Amana Condenser 7
BBA24A2A Amana Blower 7
GMPN0853 Amana-Goodman Furnace 90 6
GDV930703BN Amana-Goodman Furnace 90 8
AMVM950803BX Amana-Goodman Furnace 90 9
GH92CV0702ANAA Amana-Goodman-Daikin Furnace 90 11
APM0603A Goodman Furnace 6
APM0603A Goodman Furnace 6
GSMV0904B Goodman Furnace 7
GPPHE0703C Goodman Furnace 8
PGB036075-CB Goodman Gas Electric Package 6
ADS80803BN Amana-Goodman Furnace 80 8
GUID065BA30 Amana Furnace 9
AMES80402AN Amana-Goodman Furnace 80 9
AMEM800703BN Amana-Goodman Furnace 90 9
GRPTC36B1P Amana-Goodman Air Handlers COMM 9
MBR1610 Amana-Goodman Air Handlers 4
MBRC1610 Amana-Goodman Air Handlers 5
ASPF36B14 Amana-Goodman Air Handler 8
MBR1610BA1 Amana-Goodman Air Handlers 7
GSPF360814 Amana-Goodman Air Handler 8
GSPT36B14AA Amana-Goodman Air Handlers 9
AS24PFCA14AB Amana-Goodman-Daikin Air Handlers 11
BCAA36C101A Amana Air Handlers 9
CAPF036B4A Goodman Air Handler 8
ARPT240514AA Amana-Goodman Air-Handler 10
AEPT04215A1B Goodman Air Handler 9
PGB0360801 Goodman Gas Electric Package 4
MBVC1615BA1 Amana-Goodman Air Handlers Modular 8
HKSC15X1 Amana Heater Kit 5
CAPT2436B4 Goodman Air Handler 8
APH1436M41 Amana-Goodman Package ELEC 8
APG143608041 Amana-Goodman Package Gas 8
AP14DM3641AA Amana-Goodman-Daikin Package 10
AP14GM3610041AA Amana-Goodman-Daikin Gas Package 11
PTC24NG25ADAAAA Amana-Goodman PTAC 11
APD1436100M41 Amana-Goodman Package Gas-Dual 9
AR34KCPBWV ARRCO Compressors 8
AAM18G001 Aspen Air Handler 6
CB60G44245T000 Aspen Coils 8
22A24A3F145L001 Aspen Coils 8
WFER080B036AA Grandaire Furnace 8
WASL364AA Grandaire Air Handler 7
WPH3362080RKAA Grandaire Gas Package 10
WJA360010K00AA Grandaire Package 9
WCA342PGKAB Grandaire Condensers 9
S3E122214Q BAC-(Baltimore Aircoil Company) Cooling Tower 5
XES3E122214Q BAC-(Baltimore Aircoil Company) Cooling Tower 6
WA360B10MXXX1- Bard Wall-Mount 11
W36AAA10XXXX1E Bard Wall Mount 12
BWBAAN000045AGAA BDP Water Boiler 11
EP0603HZCFLETUBXAG Bosch Water Source HP 14
H80J193ABCA Bristol Compressors 10
619REQ009DBMA Bryant Duct Mini 8
315A-A036080 Bryant Gas 6
563G5036A Bryant Condenser 5
223A5A036000 Bryant Condenser 11
BH135A036AAB Bryant Builder Condenser 7
223A5A048000AAAA Bryant Condensers 12
114A5AC24000 Bryant Condenser 11
925SA48080E17AAA Bryant Furnace 90 11
633G5X042000AAAA Bryant All Systems 12
580J307B080D3E0AA Bryant RTU Package Units 11
580D5A036100HA Bryant Package Unit 8
577C5WA24040NAGP Bryant Package Units 10
330AAV042080 Bryant 2-Stage Furnace 5
38TG018300 Carrier Condenser 7
24ABB330A3 Carrier Condenser 8
38CKN0365AB Carrier Condenser 5
24ACC636ABB3 Carrier Condenser 10
38AH024--C913AA Carrier Commercial Condenser 9
38AK-008--C5AABB Carrier Light Commercial Condenser 7
38AKS028--C5AABB Carrier Light Commercial Condenser 7
CA1634048AAABB Carrier Condenser 8
25ACB536A003AA Carrier Condenser 11
38APD02564A10020 Carrier Gemini Condenser 11
38AUDB16AAB5A0A1A0 Carrier Condenser 14
40AQ0063AA Carrier Fan Coils 5
FB4D3F030L10 Carrier-Bryant Air Handlers 9
40RM-016SDB501ED Carrier Commercial Air Handlers 9
FK3A3A003005AAAB Carrier-Bryant Air Handlers 10
40RUAA14A1A6-0A0A0 Carrier Fan Coil 14
39MN03W00000112XPE Carrier Fan Coil 10
48GPN0420803AD Carrier Gas Package 6
50BRN0145A Carrier SelfContained 4
50AH048M541 Carrier Room Top 6
48TJD012501 Carrier Package 7
50JZ0365AA Carrier Single-Package 4
48P2D03061 Carrier Rooftop Gas-Package 6
50P2D03061 Carrier Rooftop ELEC-Package 6
50GS0365AABT Carrier Single Package 5
48SS024060311 Carrier Single Package 5
50ZPB024---30TP Carrier Single Package 8
48TCE025JMB5A1 Carrier Package 10
50TJ016GA-581QA Carrier Single-Package Rooftop 10
48VG-A421203AAD Carrier Package 8
48GSD036100NAAAD Carrier Gas Package 7
50A3C044DC5A1 Carrier Rooftop Package 9
50BT-004---650 Carrier Single-Package 8
50AJE050FEC611 Carrier Single-Package 10
48PGFM03-A-30-AG Carrier Centurion-Package 11
48TMB012CBD5AAAA Carrier Rooftops Package 10
48HCEE08B5C5A1K2C3 Carrier Package 15
28RH018001 Carrier Evaporator Coils 3
CK5AXA036 Carrier Evaporator Coils 7
CD5AXW024014 Carrier Evaporator Coils 8
CNPMP2417ALA Carrier-Bryant Evaporator Coils 10
58GP1002 Carrier Natural Draft Furnace 4
58GP100151EA Carrier Natural Draft Furnace 6
58SXC040100GG Carrier Old Style Furnace 5
58CVA080AAA12 Carrier Furnace 4
58MVC066F10114 Carrier Furnace 7
58PHA100A16 Carrier Furnace 80 5
394GAA036600 Carrier-Bryant Furnace plus 4
59TP5A100V211A20 Carrier Furnace 11
38YCC0363AA Carrier HP Condenser 5
25VNA848A003 Carrier Condenser 10
CH143436000GAB Carrier Condenser 8
50VRA243AAD Carrier HP Package 7
38BNB0183 Carrier Mini Splits 5
38MAQB24R--3 Carrier Mini Splits 9
30GT020--C510 Carrier Chiller 8
30GTN130EC943 Carrier Chiller 8
30MPA02051A10105 Carrier Liquid Chiller 11
50QQ-024-3 Carrier Single-Package HP 5
30RAN045-E-611KA Carrier Chiller 10
30XAB200F4-0J37D Carrier Chiller 11
50PCH024BCC3ACC1 Carrier Aquazone Water Source HP 11
50RHR006SCC30130 Carrier Aquazone Water Source HP 11
52CQA5243A-AA Carrier-Bryant PTAC Unit 9
FFAP-015ZCFV Copeland Welded Condensing Units 10
C224KAPFVAAB Copeland Compressor 9
C224KAPFVAAB Copeland Compressor 9
Z4H36KAATW5ABA Copeland Compressor 11
V4D036KAAMFMABC Copeland Compressor 11
SMA12SA-0 Comfort Aire Single Zone Mini Split 4
HMG36F1E Comfort Aire Air Handler 7
HWCG24T0A Comfort Aire Air Handler 8
MAH24410 Comfort Star Condenser 3
MIA2413NC Comfort Star Condenser 5
CPG009CA(I) Comfort Star Min Splits 4
CPG009CA(I)-B Comfort Star Min Splits 5
PD0500RR2TDNNDN Desert Aire Dehumidifier 10
16MB-3HW First Co Hydronic Fan Coils 4
24MBXR-3HW First Co Hydronic Fan Coils 5
C1024BBD1-V ECR International Condenser 9
AVFH18DA1 Heat CTRL Mini-Split 8
SW096M3G Heat CTRL VERT Package 5
HR24C1VAR Haier Commercial 8
PG80ESAA36070A Payne Furnace 10
PG8JAA024070AAAA Payne Furnace 10
FF1A34036075 Payne Fan Coil 8
PF1MNA036000 Payne Air Handler 8
PH143060A Payne Condenser 6
PA1434042A00AAAA Payne Condenser 9
PA1Z036 Payne Package Units 5
PA4Z3AA36080AAAD Payne Package 12
PY1PBNW024040AAD Payne Package Units 12
WS24B25B Friedrich Wall Units 7
FF40173TS92M Fujitsu Furnace 8
AUU12RSLCZH Fujitsu Mini-Splits 8
AWR120ENSG1PSU Crown Crown Boiler 10
HPY06XXXC2R6CHA IEC- International Environmental Fan Coil 12
TUD120F16 ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Furnace 6
TDCA080FF ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Quiet Comfort Furnace 7
NNAU100BKB ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Combustion Furnace 8
CGUA100A016 ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Furnace 7
NUG5100BFA2 ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Fan Assisted Furnace 8
H8UPV090J16A ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Furnace 8
H9MVA1202120A Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Furnace 9
N80ESN0401412A ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Furnace 9
OLF125D14A Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Oil Furnace 7
HOHR165F16A Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Oil Furnace 8
YH036HA ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Condensers 5
CAA060HA ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Condensers 6
ACAA25VKB ICP-Heil Condenser 7
HCC036KA ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar ICP Condensers 6
FBA525KAA ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar ICP-Condensers 7
HAC624GKA ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Condensers 7
ACE036GKA ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Old-ICP Condenser 7
T4A442AKA ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar ICP Condenser 8
CHA036K000 ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Condenser 6
TCH442CKAAAB ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Condenser 9
NH4A336AKAAAB ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Condenser 9
HB024VTLCDCC1 ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Geothermal 10
CAS036KAB0A00A Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Condenser 11
HC4H448GKA Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Ducted Condenser 8
DFC4H624K1A Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Ductless Split 7
DLCERAA12AAK Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Ductless Split 9
FCV2405 Amana-Goodman Air Handlers 4
HBC036K2 ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Air Handlers 6
MV16F1905 ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Modular Air Handlers 5
MV161019A Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Air Handlers 6
BMM024XKA1 Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Air Handler 8
FMA2P24AAC Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Air Handlers 8
FSA4X2405AT Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Air Handler 9
FAS036KDAAAAB ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Air Handler 11
EHX2400 ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Evaporator Coil 4
U42PX21A ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Evaporator Coil 6
EBM4P36FLA Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Evaporator Coil 9
EEM42J22AA ICP- Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar ICP-Evaporator Coil 7
EXXP24B15A ICP- Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Evaporator Coils 6
ENM4X36C17A Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Evaporator Coil 9
PGMC24 ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar ICP Package 5
PHA120H020 ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Package 6
RGMA36K080 ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar ICP Package 7
PHD336KTPAB ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Package 9
PHD442080KTPA Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Package 9
PAR536080K000A ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Package 9
RGH036KECB4BCA Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Roof Package 11
EHK10AKAA Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Heater Kits 6
MBA080NH4R Consolidated Industries Furnace 8
GSA120NS ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Gas Boiler 4
HPFM60H000 ICP-Comfortmaker Package HP 6
OWT3135 ICP-Arcoaire-Heil-Tempstar Oil Boiler 3
ETAC24HP230V15AA Gree Wall Units 7
RIO18HP230V1AH Gree Mini-Split 7
MULTI24HP230V1AO Gree Ductless Mini-Split 7
CUBE-240HP Greenheck’s Centrifugal Exhaust Fans 4
WSC060E3RBA**H2B2A2B203DHC1 Ingersoll Rand Package Rooftop AC / HP 24
MEU-09WPH2 Media Mini Split 9
MCU-091PH2 Media Mini Split 9
MEHSU-09PHH2 Media Mini Split 11
PF-80-N Peerless Condensing Boilers 5
PF-399-N Peerless Condensing Boilers 5
MI-03-SPRK-WPC-N Peerless Cast Iron Boilers 9
MIHII-03-SPARK-WPC-N Peerless Cast Iron Boilers 9
MI85-03-SPARK-WPC-N Peerless Cast Iron Boilers 9
DE-03-SPRK-WPC-N Peerless Cast Iron Boilers 9
PSCII-03-SPRK-WPC-N Peerless Cast Iron Boilers 9
63-03L-SPRK-W-N Peerless Cast Iron Boilers 9
63-03L-SPRK-SP-N Peerless Cast Iron Boilers 9
64-09-SPRK-SP-N Peerless Cast Iron Boilers 9
64-09-SPRK-W-N Peerless Cast Iron Boilers 9
GM-05-SPRK-WP-N Peerless Cast Iron Boilers 9
PC-160-N Peerless Condensing Combi Boiler 5
92-2-N Peerless Condensing Cast Iron Boiler 5
WB90-03 Peerless Residential Oil Boiler 3
RCBA24A1G Rheem Multiflex Replacement Coil 7
ROSH18AFWJ1 Rheem-Ruud Mini-Split 10
13AJB36AAA Rheem-Ruud Condenser 7
UPRA036JAZ Rheem-Ruud Ultra Condenser 8
RANA042JAC Rheem-Ruud Ultra Condenser 8
RP1424AJ1NA Rheem-Ruud Condensers 9
16AJA42AAB Rheem-Ruud Condenser 7
90RT07EFS01 Rheem-Ruud Furnace 8
RGMA080ABHR Rheem-Ruud Furnace 8
RGDA-125A-GR Rheem-Ruud Furnace 10
RRGF-07E47JKR Rheem-Ruud Package 10
UGMA07EAMER Rheem-Ruud Furnace 10
R801TA080317MXA Rheem-Ruud Furnace 80 11
RGRA12EZAES Rheem-Ruud Prestige Furnace 10
ROBA120CFA Rheem-Ruud Oil Furnace 8
ROBF-112QBGA Rheem-Ruud Oil Furnace 10
U80PA0801421MXA Rheem-Ruud Furnace 90 11
RWMV04A2414NAA Rheem-Ruud Hydronic Air Handler 11
UHQA1110JDA Rheem-Ruud Air Handlers 9
UF1V3617HTACJA Rheem-Ruud Air Handlers 12
RBHA17J10SF4 Ruud Air Handler 10
RHL4HM4221JA Rheem-Ruud Air Handlers 9
RCAHZ059S Rheem-Ruud Evaportator Coil 7
RCBA3653AU Rheem-Ruud Evaportator Coil 8
RCH4HM3617AC Rheem-Ruud Evaportator Coil 9
UCH3617MTAMCA Rheem-Ruud Evaportator Coils 11
RPDB-075D Rheem-Ruud Package 7
UGEA14036AJT061AA Rheem-Ruud Package 12
RQPAA036JK010 Rheem-Ruud Package 9
M4AH4P32B1B00A Ameristar Convertible Air Handler 10
M4AH4025A1000AA Ameristar Air Handler 8
4A6M4036A1000A Ameristar Condenser 8
M4AC3036A1000AB Ameristar Air Handler 8
A951X060BU4SAA Ameristar Furnace 9
CUB1A080A136AA Ameristar Furnace 11
M952V100CD48AAA Ameristar Furnace 9
CTA090A200AA American Standard-Trane Condenser 7
6H3036A1AAAB American Standard Condenser 9
YCX060A100A American Standard-Trane Condenser or Package 7
BWC120F400JA American Standard-Trane Condenser 8
4TWB3060A1000A American Standard-Trane Condenser 11
TWA036A3HTA American Standard-Trane Commercial Condenser 7
TTA24043DABE001 American Standard-Trane Commercial Condenser 10
TUD080A136A American Standard-Trane Furnace 7
TUE1B080A1H31A American Standard-Trane Furnace 10
S8P1B060M3VSAA American Standard-Trane Furnace S Design 12
GANE030ATA1000J American Standard-Trane Indoor Gas Unit Heating 11
BAYHTR1310000A American Standard-Trane Heaters Kits 7
TWE072A300A American Standard-Trane Commercial Air Handler 7
TWE24043BAAP004 American Standard-Trane Commercial Air Handler 10
TWF042A130A American Standard-Trane Air Handler 9
TAM4A0A36S1SA American Standard-Trane Air Handler 12
4FWHA036A1010A American Standard-Trane Air Handler 9 9
4TGP3F36A1010A American Standard-Trane Air Handler 11 11
TAM4A0B36S31SA American Standard-Trane Air Handler 13 13
RCB036A500A American Standard-Trane Coils 8
GMV2APB26051SA American Standard-Trane Air Handler Wall Mount 12
4TXCB006BC3HCC American Standard-Trane HP - Cooling Coils 13
2TXCD060BS3HCA American Standard-Trane Old Style Coils 13
YCH036A100A American Standard-Trane Condenser or Package 7
4YCZ4036A1080A American Standard-Trane Package Unit 9
YCD480A4HA1A4FD1ABCDEFGHJKLMN American Standard-Trane RTU Package Unit 26
YSC060A4RMB22D0A3B2B7B1D9C11 American Standard-Trane RTU Package Unit 25
TLF1M087A1V4SA American Standard-Trane Oil Furnace Legacy 10
4MXC8518A1ANAAA American Standard-Trane Ductless Indoor 11
4TXK1624A1A2AAA American Standard-Trane Ductless Outdoor 11
4TAK4524A1ANAAA American Standard-Trane Commercial Ductless 12
RTAA100CSAA1A0C1A American Standard-Trane Chiller 13
RAUCC404B2130BDFGHC1 American Standard-Trane Remote Chiller Evaporators 17
CGWF0204CA0UAA1CL1D0NN00N0X0X American Standard-Trane Scroll Chiller 24
RTAC350AUCONNAFNN1NX1TENNN0NN10NN American Standard-Trane Air Cooled Chiller 29
RTAC3004UL0HUAFNL1NY1CDNRA0EN10NR0EXN American Standard-Trane Air Cooled Chiller 33
THC120E4EGAAAB1A0B2B0A2A0000 American Standard-Trane Commercial Package 25
OAGD264A4DC1C400JJ0A1B00AB0001001B003A0 Trane Outdoor Air Unit 35
OAKD264A4DC1C400JJ-A1H00AG0001001B003A0 Trane Outdoor Air Unit 35
LPCAA24E1ABECDA1015AA1EAGCA1DFCBJKQ22 Trane Package Climate Changer 31
VSHE04222AAFA0BL01A Trane Water Source HP 14
EXHF03621B23A0BLD03114110 Trane Water Source HP 21
SCWH07552A01010 Trane Self Contained 12
SEHFC404HL10C7AD7C01ETY8 Trane IntelliPak Rooftops 31
YCD181F3LLAB Trane Package Unit 9
A80US2V080B12A02 Armstrong Furnace 11
G1N80AU080D12BLAA Armstrong G Design Furnace 11
G1N80AU100D14B-1 Armstrong G Design Furnace 11
L80UR1V67/87B12 Armstrong Oil Furnace 10
L80UR1D084/099B12 Armstrong Oil Furnace 10
LBF80C112/125V14-1A Armstrong Oil Furnace 13
4AC13L24P7 Armstrong Condenser 7
4SHP14LBR36P Armstrong Condenser 7
BCE7S18MA4X Armstrong Air Handler 8
BCEAM36C60NA4X Armstrong Air Handler 10
EFV12BAA Armstrong Electric Furnace 6
EC4T36BL Armstrong Evaportator Coil 6
EAC4X36BGA Armstrong Evaportator Coil 8
PRPHP1436PAA Armstrong Gas Package 6
PRPHP1436EP1A Armstrong Package 7
4PHP15E24P1A Armstrong Package HP 8
PRPDF1636090P1A Armstrong Package 7
PRPGE1436080LPAA Armstrong Gas Package 8
FTXQ18AVJU Daikin Mini Split Indoor Units 7
RXS18ATJU Daikin Outdoor Units Single Zone 7
OAH025GDAC Daikin Outdoor Air Handler 6
REM418AAYD Daikin Outdoor Units 5
REM4036AAYD Daikin Outdoor Units 5
RCS12F150D Daikin Air-Cooled Split 5
RYYQ12U7Y1B Daikin Europe Outdoor Units 7
4MXS24AAVJU Daikin Outdoor Units Multi Zone 8
RPS060LLW Daikin-McQuay RoofPak SingleZone 7
WCCH1019BEYLS Daikin Water Source HP 9
DCC180XXX3BXXXAA Daikin Package AC 12
HCH036T1LP6 Danfoss Compressors 9
UCHC0033RWB000B Danfoss Condensing Units 9
DAGA24JA DuroGuard Outdoor Units 7
RLUF80C57/72D12 Ducane Oil Furnace 10
RLUF80C112/125D20-1 Ducane Oil Furnace 12
CMPE125U5A Ducane Furnace 6
PRAC1442PAA Ducane Package Unit 7
CG90UB100D20CL1A Concord Furnace 12
RGE13A36075LP3A Aspen Coils 8
PRGE1436080LPAA Ducane Package Unit 9
CMPU080A3A Ducane Furnace 6
80G1UH080BV12LA Ducane Furnace 10
HP14L24L Ducane Condensers 5
4AC14L24PAA Ducane Condensers 8
2HP13BR36PAA Ducane Condenser 8
AXS122K22 Evapco Cooling Tower 5
TAH036AGSMBS ClimateMaster Air Handler 9
TAC036AM17S ClimateMaster Coils 7
TRE036AHCBABABS ClimateMaster Package Rooftop Water-Source HP 11
TEW048AGS61ARTS ClimateMaster Water-Source HP 12
TCV048AGCAEAVSA ClimateMaster Compact Belt Drive 11
PZA4SE5 J And M Fluidics Chillers 7
PZA11SH5 J And M Fluidics Chillers 7
IEZA2SE5 J And M Fluidics Chillers 7
IEZA11SH5 J And M Fluidics Chillers 7
IEZAT1SI5 J And M Fluidics Chillers 8
IEZAT11SI5 J And M Fluidics Chillers 8
PZAT4SI5 J And M Fluidics Chillers 8
PZAT14SI5 J And M Fluidics Chillers 8
JA4ZJC00D2AABA Johnson Controls Package Unit 11
ZS-04N13ATAAA4A Johnson Controls Rooftop Package Unit 11
CHPAA411080P Lennox Package Unit 5
CB29M411G Lennox Air Handler 6
CB29M-21/26-1P Lennox Air Handler 10
CB31MV-41-1P Lennox Air Handler 9
ELA036S2SAP Lennox Air Handler 8
ES5Q3-781-2P Lennox Air Handler 9
CBXAAUH036230AA Lennox Air Handler 9
CBAAUH036R230AA Lennox Merit Air Handler 8
CBAABM0362302AA Lennox Coil Blower 9
CBAAAUHV042230AA Lennox Air Handler 9
CBX27UH-018-230-6-02 Lennox Air Handler 14
CBAAAUHV0602303AA Lennox Air Handler 10
C23311 Lennox Uncased Evaporator Coils 4
CRAA366 Lennox Evaporator Coils 4
CAB24A2F Lennox Evaporator Coils 6
C2226TXV2 Lennox Evaporator Coils 5
CHAA36B6F Lennox Evaporator Coil 6
C4AA24B2F Lennox Indoor Coils 7
C4AA24/36A2F Lennox Indoor Coils 9
14CHP036 Lennox Electric Packages 3
14GCS03680 Lennox Gas Packages 4
CHA160361Y Lennox Package 5
LRP14AC24A Lennox Electric Package 6
LGA300SS1Y Lennox Commercial Package 8
RCE14A36AAA Lennox Electric Package 7
ZCA036H4DDAA Lennox Electric Package 10
14GCS036080 Lennox Gas Package 4
GCS16-653-125-3Y Lennox Gas Package 9
ZGA036H4DSAA Lennox Gas Package 10
RGE14A24060AAA Lennox Gas Package 8
GCSAAX036080AA Lennox Rooftop Gas Package 7
LRP14DF36080XA Lennox Gas-Package 8
13GEP36080ALAAA Lennox Gas Package 9
G21Q3402 Lennox Up Flow Furnace 5
G21Q340 Lennox Up Flow Furnace 4
80MGF245 Lennox Furnace 5
80MGF3/4100 Lennox Furnace 7
G14Q41007 Lennox Furnace 6
G14Q4/51007 Lennox Furnace 8
G50UHI36B080 Lennox Inverter Furnace 80 7
G40UH48B09007 Lennox Furnace 80 7
G50UH36B0801 Lennox Furnace 80 7
G43UF36B090 Lennox Furnace 90 6
G61MPV36B080 Lennox Furnace 90 7
ML180UF080P36B Lennox Furnace 8
ML295MP070XV36B Lennox Furnace 10
13HPA24A Lennox Merit Condenser 5
LSA060CAY Lennox Commercial Condenser 7
HS14261AA AAon Air Handler 6
HS19-411U-3P Lennox Condenser 7
AFAIR10B24 Lennox Condenser 5
4P14036230 Lennox Condensers 5
SCU13A24A-B Lennox Old Condenser 8
13HP4036230 Lennox Condenser 5
ELP036S4SSAP Lennox Condenser 9
SPA048H4VNAP Lennox Split Condenser 10
TPA048H4SNAP Lennox Split Condenser 10
13HP4036230 Lennox Condenser 5
4SHP14LCA48PAA Lennox Dry Charged Condenser 9
14AC4N036230AA Lennox Regioned Condenser 8
14ACXS024230A22 Lennox Regioned Condenser 8
HS2AAA036230AB Lennox Condenser 8
XC16-060-230A06 Lennox Condenser 9
EL144P1048-230AAA Lennox Condenser 10
EL144P1N048-230AA Lennox Regioned Condenser 10
SLO183BR125V48 Lennox Oil Furnace 8
OFAAV5105/120R Lennox Oil Furnace 9
OFAAV3/4105/120R Lennox Oil Furnace 9
EL0183BR101/114P36 Lennox Oil Furnace 8
PFH020A-PL7 Liebert Prop-fan Condensing Unit 8
LVN180HV4 LG Single-Zone 7
LVN180HYV4 LG Single-Zone 7
TH44422ASA Luxaire Split Condenser 9
FTABC-036KA Frigidaire Condenser 8
ESAABC4C1RX36K Frigidaire Condenser 13
FRP77ETT2R Frigidaire Wall PTAC Units 9
FFRA1822S2 Frigidaire Window Units 6
HP21404TC Hayward Pool Heater 5
HMB36AB1A Heat CTRL Modular Air Handlers 7
CZT055M6BF Chandler Refrigeration Unit Coolers 9
GH34A42BAA Krack Refrigeration Unit Coolers 8
MS34E480EHM Krack Refrigeration Unit Coolers 8
MXA02K Krack Refrigeration Condenser 4
CSD4050M4P Krack Refrigeration Condenser 6
HNSS1150MFDCD Krack Refrigeration Condenser 11
LW1514HRA LG Window Units 7
RFCX30BP10MP21 Guardian-York Air Handler 9
AZ41H36D5C GE Wall Units 7
GHH12LSK4DH Gibson Mini-Split 10
CABAM036CB Gibson Indoor Coils 8
GL1RC-120D20C Gibson Furnace 9
GS3BA-036KA Frigidaire Condenser 8
LT243HAR LG Window Units 7
HBB20ABAAH4RD6CB4AABAAM Magic Aire Blower Coils 20
51HWC184LA1A Magic Pak Package Unit 9
5EWC182A1A Magic Pak Electric Package Unit 8
5MHP40918AFPA Magic Pak Electric Package Unit 10
40MGE41024ANPA Magic Pak Package Unit 10
HWC8R6011P36AA Magic Pak Package Unit V 11
EWC1511P24AA Magic Pak Wall Units 9
SA4BD036K Maytag Condenser 7
DS5BD036K Maytag Condensers 7
PSA4BI036K Maytag Condenser 8
PGF1TE100CVB Maytag Furnace 10
MGC2SD090C23B Maytag Furnace 9
MUZA18AAB Mitsubishi Mini-Split 7
MUZ-A18NA Mitsubishi Mini-Split 8
MXZ-A36NA-UA Mitsubishi Mini-Split 10
MXZ-AA36NA-UA Mitsubishi Mini-Split 10
PVEZAA24EAB Mitsubishi Mini-Split 9
SFZA24/36AAB Mitsubishi Mini-Split 9
DBP500AMRHN31C1FD5ACA00 Modine Duct Furnace 20
979W5H3X Mortex Evaporator Coil 7
CMHG08D33MD3AAC RetroAire Water Source Console Units 13
BABV036K Reznor Air Handler 6
BABMMX36KB Reznor Air Handler 9
RE9D10C4 Revolv Furnace 7
RP7RE024K Revolv Single Package 7
RSA1BE4M1SN18K Revolv Condenser 13
ACUB036 Reznor Coils 4
TABQ036K Reznor Condenser 6
JTABP024KA Carrier Condenser 8
PASPX24K Reznor Package 7
PBSP036CA Reznor Package 7
RAGF042D080CA Reznor Package Unit 9
RBGFX24K040CA Westinghouse Package 10
RFO500E4SEA Russell Next-Gen MiniCon 8
1AJF570402CN4.010 Seasons 4 Custom 12
AC025ACQFEH Samsung Console Indoor Unit 8
AR24AVWPAGMN Samsung Mini-Split 9
AC050ACASKH Samsung Console Indoor Unit 8
SBHP17C10SH1 Ruud Air Handler 10
SH2V3617HTACCA Rheem-Ruud Air Handlers 12
RXS18AVJU Daikin Outdoor Units Single Zone 7
FAQ24ABVJU SkyAir Min-Split Indoor 7
TABB036KA Nordyne Split Condenser 7
ETABD036KA Carrier Condenser 8
FGARA080C12B Nordyne Furnace 9
E4EB010H Nordyne Blower 4
B5SM090J Nordyne Air Handler 6
GBABM036CB8 Nordyne Air Handler 8
GBABM036CB10 Nordyne Air Handler 8
PAH2BM036KB Nordyne Air Handler 9
P3BA024K Nordyne Single Package 6
GP3RA036K Nordyne Single Package 7
PPA1RC024K Nordyne Single Package 8
PPH1SEX24K Nordyne Package 9
PARD036K Reznor Condenser 6
PASD436K Reznor Condenser 6
DFASF436K060C Tappen Package 9
STI075MR404A2 Turbo Air Package Unit 6
R4GD24K072X Nordyne Rooftop Package 8
R4GA024K045C Nordyne Rooftop Package 8
GR4GA024K045C Gibson Rooftop Package 8
PPG1GE024K072X Nordyne Package 9
PPG1GEX24K072X Nordyne Gas Package 10
PGF1TA092CVB Nordyne Furnace 10
PGF1RA144C20C Nordyne Furnace 10
BAVM036KBA Tappen Air Handler 9
MBAVM1200KB Tappen Blower 8
FGATL080NIQ Tappen Furnace 7
FGARE-060CVBA Tappen Furnace 11
AKA4460YAADK Tecumseh Condensing Units 7
ABA070AA3CX Texas Furnace Furnace 6
CDX1090N Thermo-Pride Furnace 3
TZPA4242A Thermal Zone Condensing Units 7
TZ80MSS060B40SA Rheem-Ruud Furnace 10
NDZ049A11AC Water Furnace Geothermal 9
NDW120R18NBSSA Water Furnace Geothermal 9
SAH036A001AR1S1 Water Furnace Geothermal 10
NVV036*101CTL0JN Water Furnace Geothermal 14
NDP049*1001CCB2AN2A Water Furnace Geothermal 16
17AHJ11S2C01 WeatherKing Air Handler 8
80AB07EAR01 WeatherKing Furnace 7
GARA080C12A Westinghouse Residential Furnace 8
KGATA080NVAA Westinghouse Furnace 9
FGASA080C24AB Westinghouse Furnace 11
RAG3T48K100CA Westinghouse Package 10
BAVMMX36KB Westinghouse Air Handler 9
CABHX36CB Lennox Air Handler 6
CABHX36CB Lennox Air Handler 6
WMAHM1205AAA Whirlpool Modular Air Handler 8
WCC1824P4AAA Whirlpool Coils 10
WFCT075B14-1A Whirlpool Furnace 10
W2C324A-1A Whirlpool Condenser 9
W2GC324A1A Whirlpool Condenser 9
WGHP4636AAA Whirlpool Condenser 9
WGPH4424AMA Whirlpool Package 9
WPC4336HAAA Whirlpool Package 10
CHB140BDBWAA Williamson Oil Furnace 6
97RW3H3P Mortex Evaporator Coil 7
EZNY24A2A1F14AB IslandAire PTAC Unit 12
DHR36CSB21SA York Mini Splits 10
XP036E18NF York Electric Package Unit 6
YC-07C00AFAABAA York Predator Units 11
YC-07C00AFAABAA York Predator Units 11
YPAL050CCC25BBF York Package 12
ZE060H10A2A1ABA1A2 York Package Units 15
PHE4A362A York Single Package 6
DAHBF036A York Package Unit 6
BAEX036A06 York Package Unit 6
BP036E10AFBACA York Package 10
PCG3B420803A York Single Package 7
BAYAF036N080 York Single Package Gas 7
DAHP036D08006 York Package Unit 7
MA12BNFA York Air Handler 5
MP12BN21 York Air Handler 7
AVC36BX2 York Air Handler 7
N1AHB1246 York Modular Blower 6
N2AHD14A06C York Modular Blower 8
AVY24A4FNFA York Air Handler 8
FAFP036H06T3B York Air Handler 9
NC072C00C4ATJAA York Air Handler 10
XTI-048X075-DCMK046A York Custom Air-Handling Units 14
CM42C3AB York Fan Coils 7
M3UF044SA York Evaporator Coils 6
HD36S3XC1 York Evaporator Coils 7
FC36B4BNAA York Evaporator Coils 8
CM30BBBA1A York Fan Coils 8
G-UA060S21B York Evaporator Coil 8
CZE0361A AirEase Coil 7
CRCS0361AB Coleman Condenser 7
DGAH100AATBX Coleman Manufactured Housing Furnace 10
HEHBT090A York Condensers 6
YHD2441AS York LX Condenser 8
H1DE036S23 York Condenser 6
AC036X1222A York Condenser 6
H3CE180A25A York Condensing Unit 7
YZE0361AHWA York Affinity Condenser 8
YHGD24S21SA York Latitude Condenser 10
TCHD24S41S3 York Affinity Condenser 10
GAW14L18C21S York Condenser 10
EACA036SXXX06AAB York Condenser 9
P2MPV16G10001A York Diamond Furnace 9
PACXB12G08001A York Furnace 9
YP8S070B12MP1B York Furnace 10
VR028A12H4AL21 York Energy Recovery Ventilators 9
42WKN08MC Carrier Ceiling Cassettes 3
58CTW04510012 Carrier Furnace 4
48FCDA04A2A5-0A0A0 Carrier Gas Heat Package Rooftop 15
50FC-A04A2A5-0A0A0 Carrier Electric Heat Package Rooftop 15

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